Coaching in Organisations

This is an interesting time for organisations to re-establish a team culture with many individuals having hybrid or virtual work patterns.  Coaching can play a signifiant role in bringing people together, helping to establish new and better collaboration, accountability and performance.  

With my many years of corporate experience and my recent training, I understand that introducing a coaching culture can transform an organisations effectiveness and business performance. It is therefore not surprising that more and more organisations are prioritising group or team coaching programs as an effective way of including more colleagues in development programs.  

Team coaching is suitable for supporting the development of a strong team culture where the team win together and so it is necessary to build relationships, cohesiveness and common goals.  Whereas group coaching is suitable for groups of leaders that may have similar goals and focus areas however are independent of each other.

I am a strong believer in the idea that a coaching culture is essential for any businesses’ success. My coaching programs help enterprises build high-performing teams, improve communication and relationships, and develop the skills necessary for effective leadership. If you are ready to develop a coaching culture within your organisation, contact me today to schedule an initial introductory call so I can understand your needs and we can discuss what program would best suit your company’s and employees needs.