About Me

A bit about me. My friends would say I’m caring, driven, trustworthy and demanding! I like to think I am open, inquisitive and see the funny side of things.

My values are integrity, collaboration, empathy, and kindness. My philosophies are live and let live and never give up!

Although a late starter, my corporate career has taken me around the world, leading international teams and really being a global player. I lived in Italy for 15 years as well as a short stint in Kenya and have travelled extensively for work and pleasure. I feel really fortunate to have worked with people from many different backgrounds and to have built credibility as someone that drives projects, builds collaborative and high performing teams.  I am naturally curious about different cultures and love to have the opportunity to fully immerse myself in new experiences. 

The best, and most demanding, part of my roles was leading people – supporting their career development, working through life stages, managing difficult conversations and supporting their growth and leadership awareness. This passion and strength in helping others is what has led me to a second career in coaching. 

My life experience lines me up well as a coach. I am warm, empathetic, a great listener and naturally curious about other people’s life stories and what motivates them. People feel at ease opening up with me and I am able to challenge and go deeper without making people feel uncomfortable. Since embarking on my career as a coach, I feel fortunate to have found a way of helping others follow a path that will guide them towards career fulfilment.  

I have completed my coach training with Barefoot Coaching Limited and I follow the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics and Competencies throughout all my coaching.  If you would like to learn more, click the button below.

I don’t fit the mould... so why should you?